Learn Before You Earn December 2023

Project ePayTraffic (PEPT) continues to evolve from a manual traffic exchanging site offering low cost advertising and marketing services to an integrated Web2/Web3 collaborative content sharing service.

Our ePayTraffic site is fully fucntional nostalgia site best used on a desktop browser environment. It is not a mobile friendly site by design. Please use the provided PEPT link to access our Web3 mobile friendly, content delivery platform to learn how you can earn from your published content.

You do not need to be a blogger to earn from your online efforts. Our Project ePayTraffic exchanging community on Hive blockchain is by designed, a step-by-step living process to help you maximize online returns using the latest internet technology.

PEPT Hive Community

PEPT Hive Community

Redefining the true value of a traffic exchange community March 2023

In the last few years, our Web2 operation has had a reduction in sales as a result of some clients losing access to their Paypal services. Online payment processing continue to change and mostly as a result of changes from a centralized payment processing service to a decentralized ledger system. FJ World Inc (FJWI) continues to accept Paypal payments as well as credit card payments. With the evolution of the new internet, FJWI is able to offer payment processing via cryptocurrency. In fact, FJWI is able to conduct business using several of it's own Hive layer 2 tokens as well as many other tokens and coins used with many blockchains.

By subscribing, following and collaborating with PEPT on Hive blockkchain, you will have many opportunity to learn before you earn online. You can start by earning from your own effort and progress by leveraging efforts in our collaborative community.

The Hive blockchain platform provides the building blocks of the new internet. One can create their own decentralized application to access shared content or one can use many of the existing front end applications. Your current knowledge of internet applications will help you decide the path that best serves your needs. Some can onboard Hive using their core service or using an established decentralized application like PeakD. FJWI is working on facilitating the onboarding for existing ePayTraffic clients as well as new clients that may need a value added service.

PeakD Community

Support and Chat Service

Your central point of contact for FJ World Inc March 2023

PeadD is the preferred frontend to Hive blockchain for FJ World Inc

If you are a member on ePayTraffic website, you may use the AskAdmin form to submit a support request.

Alternatively, you may click the Support/Chat button below to access our PEPT Chat Room. A new page will open and instructions will be updated on that page.

You may access our chat room as a guest or login using your Hive username.

Jacques (Jack, FJ) Arseneault

Welcome to my world. @fjworld #fjworld and FJ World Inc are online accounts, tags and website used in my online business.

This single point of entry, blog style web page is used to drive traffic all over the world using the latest internet technology available.

Since March 2023, I have been exploring Web3 technology to evolve Web2 services to existing clients. Hopefully the content of this onboarding page can convert visitors to new clients. For many years, I have been generating income streams for large online monopolies and they have not been sharing the proceeds from my traffic generation. This is likely the same for many of you viewing this page. With Web3 technology we can be properly compensated for the content we create and share.

By collaborating with FJ World Inc initiaves, you can follow some easy steps for onboarding Web2/Web3 internet services.

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